Interview: FACT Magazine

I found this interview that was conducted with me by FACT magazine a while back regarding my participation in “Documenting Muharraq” but I’m not sure if it ever got published…. For what its worth ill publish it here myself anyway =)

How did you find the workshop? Did you find it a rewarding experience? What are you hoping to gain from the exhibition?

Its great too see that a great effort is put into the development of photography as an art. Having Camille Zacharia as an instructor was definitely rewarding as a result of his very supportive and motivational nature along with his great artistic input. It is a high end event that will attract many people, therefore it’ll definitely spread my name as a Bahraini photographer even further, oh and not to mention all the free food and drinks on the opening night!

Do you think it will make any changes to Bahrain’s outlook on modernizing the country?

Any activity relating to creativity and art will eventually contribute to the minds of individual Bahrainis themselves which will ultimately enhance the way we function as a society, by then we are already getting “modernized”.

Did you learn anything from the other 9 photographers involved in the workshop?

I learned from them that Bahrain is full of creative and educated people with a very high potential of reaching great heights, dragging the entire country along with them.

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