Exhibition: Vantage Point


Sharjah Art Foundation welcomes proposals from individuals of all nationalities residing in the UAE for a photographic exhibition entitled Vantage Point Sharjah. Scheduled for September 7 to December 7, 2013, Vantage Point Sharjah will take place in one of SAF’s newly inaugurated art spaces in Al Mureijah. This exhibition will feature photographs that capture the Emirate of Sharjah, including the Central and Eastern regions of the Emirate.

I just had to apply to this one. What was funny is that I just recently went scouting around in the desert just a couple of weeks earlier and that’s when I came up with the work Dunes of Sharjah, so the criteria fits perfectly!

Just to share good news, my work has been selected =) and so you are hereby invited to attend the exhibition which will be the first of its kind that I have ever done here in the UAE. The exposure sounds very promising! I’m not gonna tell you which photos exactly so you can come and see them in print – not gonna ruin the surprise.. Hmm maybe I should remove them from slideshow? Oh I know, why don’t you guess which ones?? That’ll be fun!

I hope to see you there, September 7th at: Building F, SAF Art Spaces, Al Mureijah, Heritage Area, Sharjah.

Click here for official link.

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