You have been contacted by University Students

I got an email about a few weeks ago from some students that wished to conduct an interview with me for their school assignment. Since it wasn’t going to be published thought ill just post it up here as I really enjoyed answering the questions =)

Here it goes:

  • How long have you been into photography?

I have been a practicing photographer for the past 6 years.

  • Who are your influences?

My favorite photographers are the renowned Eric Ogden and Steve Mccurry.

  • What genre of photography are you most interested in?

I am most interested in Documentary and Travel photography however in photography school I specialized in Creative Digital Imaging and Architectural photography.

  • What was your first project?

I would consider taking photos of my friends during high school to be my first project.

  • Do you do your own photo finishing or use a professional lab service?

I do my own finishing.

  • What makes a good photographer in your opinion?

A good photographer would be someone who is able to capture a unique subject and yet maintain the authenticity of the image. i.e bearing minimum post-manipulation towards his work.

  • What is your current equipment? (Camera body, lenses..)

I started with Canon products and have since stuck with them.

  • What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?

Good eye.

  • As a Bahraini citizen and photographer, do you feel like international photographers who work in Bahrain are usually the first choice? Or has the society changed in terms of believing in their own local talents?

I think Bahrainis believe in the local talent and try their best to encourage it.

  • Do you think that society would be different if photography was never invented?

Photography has had a great impact on societies around the world; definitely there will be a difference.

  • The photograph of the woman in book shop is powerful and dignified because of the nature light falling on her face. How important is natural light to characterize the subject? To make them honest or sinister?

Lighting is not meant to create a story, rather it’s only to define or bring out what is already there.

  • You have a photograph of a man in a yellow with his reflection creates an unworldly world. Who or what inspired you to take this shot?

The scene was just there at that given moment and I took it. Otherwise this shot was part of my school assignments where we were experimenting with artificial light.

  • When thinking of composition do you look at paintings or old photographs for inspiration?


  • And do you find themes and concepts from paintings that you find useful to recreate in our modern times?

I have seen paintings that look like photographs and photographs that look like paintings, so I guess they’re from the same family.

  • In your website, you have a ‘creative imagining arts’ section that intrigued us, could you clarify what it is?

In photography school I majored in Creative Imaging Arts, which is basically a course designed to increase your skill in digital arts. I had to produce a 15 piece body of work for my final portfolio in a period of 10 weeks in orders to graduate. I attempted to convert actual photographs into simple “paintings” much inspired by Pop arts and classical Persian and Indian miniatures. You can find the case studies here to trace the process.

  • Do you think that Instagram or Twitter or other social networks are helping or destroying the art of photography?

I think Instagram is an amazing and fun application. I have seen amazing work there. Sharing is always good.

  • Do you think teenagers and young adults buying professional digital cameras are reducing the importance of photography? And how it is affecting professional photographers in the country?

At some point I was that young teenager, so I can’t say it’s a bad thing after all =). Some people give it a try and give up, others find a passion and make amazing work, in both cases its good because not everyone is meant to be a photographer and whoever is will just dazzle us with his/her work and become an active contributor to the local photography scene.