The Determined Photograph

There came a time where a lot of trouble has been stirred around my perception towards this career where the bells of ‘Where am I heading, what am I doing?’ began to jingle, pushing me even to the edge of considering other career options since neither was I succeeding in providing an effective commercial service whereas generating a good financial income, nor was I producing any new artworks that increased my photographic skills.

After tumbling down the road for a little bit, I had to re-sharpen my dedication towards this particular line of work and regain my motivation. Once this came through from seized opportunities, I’ve realized that I have spent a lot of time just hoping for a high paying client and only wishing that business was up and about. I have wasted so much valuable time and energy whereby instead of zooming away on the highways along with the rest of society, I only found myself spinning around in endless circles within my mind.

A man once came to Ali, the Prophet’s cousin, asking him about the difference between freewill & determinism. Ali answered by telling the man, “Raise your right leg.” The man did as he was asked, and Ali pointed, “That is freewill.” Then he told the man to raise his left leg where the man mentioned that he is unable. “That is determinism,” said Ali.

Therefore, whatever activity we engage in in this very moment will ultimately have a direct result on the outcome of future events. Similarly for example, if we wake up in the morning and decide to just stay at home and only fantasize about the future, such an act will only be useful for writing fictional novels, not such a bad thing for a person who writes I guess. But if we throw ourselves into the midst of society, invest our energy day after another into laying down the bricks of our life’s foundation then we have no choice but to expect a wonderful home to materialize eventually, be it a career or any sort of freelance business, more importantly its the people we meet on the way that may eventually lead us to having profound relationship and friendships.